Faulty RAM, need help quick!

Hi, a guy brought in a PC to the shop today and I ran a memory scan and it came back as faulty. There are 4 sticks of RAM installed - 2x Kinston 4GB, 2x ramexel 2GB. - When I run the Ultimate Boot memory test with all of the RAM installed, it comes back with an error, but when I run the test with just the Kingston or Ramexel there are no problems. I even alternated the ports that the RAM goes in. I'm really confused and need some advice.

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. The RAM might not be compatible with one another. It happens when the RAM is a different speed than the other RAM installed. A lot of people with Kingston and Ramexel RAM have the same problem. What happens is that one stick is faster than another, so the faster one is capped at slower speeds; showing an error. It's usually not the RAM, its the compatibility. Tell the customer to buy the same brand with RAM. It's highly recommended that you buy the same brand of RAM so you know they're compatible with one another.
  2. yeah Kingston used to be the "man" but we have been seeing alot of this "proprietary" (if you wanna call it that) lately. too bad. go with keithmfr's data. spot on.
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