Is amd fx 4170 a good one

is the processor amd fx 4170 better than i3 and capable of delivering good gaming performance with its four cores..because its clocked at 4.2 ghz
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  1. its probably comparible to an i3 and would be trading blows in different benches.

    I'd say it would be about as powerful as a 3.8 ghz phenom II x4 so its ok.
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  3. It should give good performance because it is clocked pretty high, but it and the Core i3 would trade blows. You can OC the AMD too, making it a nice budget CPU. If you are going to be doing things that will actually take advantage of 4 threads, than go for the AMD, but if you are mostly doing single/dual threaded apps, go for the Intel.

    Hope this helped! :)
  4. o1die said:
    The 4170 is ok; here is one comparison but not with the i3:,6.html

    hey is fx 4170 is that poor even a phenom ii 3.7ghz beats it then surely i3 will beat fx 4170..the doubt is will i notice any real world difference
  5. What will you be doing?
  6. i want whether to choose phenom ii 955be or i3 2100 .because the cpu is used for gaming ,solid works and CAD..for these apps which processor is best..
  7. phenom will be better for CAD apps
  8. Also, if you get a C3 955, they hit 4Ghz pretty easily. I would get the Phenom II, but still not a 955, I would get a 960t, as it can unlock to a hexa-core and it overclocks well.
  9. is 960t prices similar to 955
  10. vishalaestro said:
    is 960t prices similar to 955

    Yes, they are basically the same price, but the 955 is clcoked to 3.2Ghz instead of 3.0Ghz, but the 960t has a pretty good change of unlocking to a six-core CPU. They are both BE CPUs too. :)
  11. with any of the mentioned cpus you will run anything you want......
  12. 960t.
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