4 pin header(EZ_PLUG2) on rampage 4 extreme mother board DOES IT NEED CONNECTING

Would this need to be connected for 64 GB of G.Skill 1600 ram, and if so where would I buy this cable - thanks
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  1. If you are talking about the 4pin Molex (D Shaped) connector on the motherboard then I do not believe it is required for normal use.

    I have a Maximus IV Extreme-z that comes with 2 of those EZ-Plug2 connectors and as far as I'm aware they are additional power input for use when doing EXTREME overclocking (Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice).

    That being said I connected mine anyway so I don't have to worry about it later on. It uses a standard Molex power cable from your power supply.
  2. Thanks mate, just read the MOB Manual and on page 2-34 it suggest one uses it to stablize DIMM's - right next to it is a 6 pin ez-plug connector - I assume I WILL need to connect a 6pin VGA cable from my power supply? - as have 2 Gtx 690's!
    dosn't do any favours for the asethtics of the build!!!!
  3. I agree, the placement of these so called EZ-Plugs makes cable management an absolute pain.

    I ended up making my own custom length sleeved cables to keep it looking as neat as I could.

    just looking at the Rampage 4 and the plugs are definatly different. You have by the looks a24pin ATX, 4pin normal CPU power as well as an 8pin CPU power as well as a 6 pin VGA power all for the mobo.

    I have tried my board with and without the EZ-Plugs connected and could not see ANY Diff (thats with a CPU oc'd to 4.5ghz)

    I would be pretty sure that it will be the same with Rampage. that the extra power injection is ONLY used in extreme OC'ing

    as the 690's will draw their extra power from their 6 and 8 pin connectors on the cards themselves i highly doubt you will need the 6pin on the board unless OCing the hell out of it.
  4. The 4 pin floppy power connector for the ram on the Rampage 4 extreme if only required if you need more power for the Ram DIMM's or you are putting ram in all 8 ram slots
    I believe it discusses this in the RIVE manual

    If you are doing this then most power supplies have a floppy connector in the end of normal molex cables or u can buy a Molex to floppy adapter
  5. thank Gents!...hunting I will go Molex x 4 Pin Floppy....because I have all the ram abanks populated.
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