PC for less than 1000$

I have 1000$,but in my country it's difficult to find PC parts for their original price...i see even 2X expensive parts than at newegg or tigerdirect...and i have to buy also an monitor for 1000$
I want these things:
P67 Chipset MOBO(USB 3.0 support would be cool)
i5-2500K CPU
6/8GB's of RAM
500GB/1TB HDD (SATA III 6gbps)
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  1. What country are you in and can you buy online from other countries?
  2. I'm in Azerbaijan
    I can buy from ebay,but shipping costs are high very often
  3. $1000 can get you a very nice PC. :)

    Processor : Intel Core i5 2500K - $220
    LGA 1155, 3.3Ghz, With Unlocked Multiplier.

    HSF : CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo - $35

    Motherboard : ASRock Z68 EXTREME3 GEN3 - $125
    PCIe 3.0, Supports Ivy Bridge processors, , Triple SLI/CF at x8/x8/x4

    RAM : G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 - $50
    1.5V, CAS Latency : 9-9-9-24

    Graphics : GIGABYTE GV-R695OC-1GD Radeon HD 6950 1GB - $240
    3 Fans, Core at 870Mhz.

    Storage : Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm SATA 6.0GB/s - $55

    Optical Drive : Asus 24X SATA DVD Burner - $20

    Case : Rosewill Challenger Black ATX Mid Tower - $50

    PSU : XFX Core Edition Pro 650W - $90

    Monitor : ASUS VH226H Black 21.5" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen 16:9 Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor - $150

    Total : $1035 before rebates
  4. Rohit read the thread bro?

    OP What is the most reputable online retailer for parts in Azerbaijin?
  5. Ofcourse I read it. and the build was exclusively for the OP.
  6. 008Rohit said:
    Ofcourse I read it. and the build was exclusively for the OP.
    aznshinobi meant that you didn't provide the link of the site(s) where he could get those parts delivered for $1035.
  7. ^ Exactly.

    Your prices are also Newegg prices, not the country OP is from.
  8. So...first about CPU:
    Best deals i can find for Azerbaijan are:

    i5-2500(NOT-K) for 280$ from store at Azerbaijan:

    i5-2500K for 260$(230+30 shipping) from ebay:

    And there are 1 more 2500K from Amazon,but i'm not sure that it'll ship free to AZE.,please check it for me if you can:
  9. You should contact Amazon yourself.

    Buying a system one part at a time may not be wise if you end up paying a lot of money for delivery.

    Edit: Do you have to pay taxes and/or duty when importing from other countries?
  10. ^ Exactly. As for your situation. Is the computex site your trusted site?
  11. Hmm,i'll try to contact with Amazon...
    I have to pay taxes,unless seller can mark it as gift and/or show low price

    Yes computex is trusted,but things there are neither new nor cheap :/
  12. If you have $1000 total, then you need to either adjust your requirements or your budget. If your budget is $1000 plus shipping and taxes, then order from the cheapest and safe place that will deliver to your country.
  13. I have 1000$ in total...i can adjust my requirements,but price is very high anyway
    i found a site that ships to my country,but it costs 250$ just for shipping without taxes:
  14. Would a decent AMD build be less expensive if bought locally? A good example is this build:,3032.html (and other builds that can meet your budget). Since you have $1000 total, you unfortunately can't buy $1000 in parts plus shipping and taxes; therefore you need to buy the solution that best meets your performance requirements.
  15. ^+1

    I think going AMD is the best idea. Cheaper too
  16. Hmm...I have had 4-5 PCs...everyone of them was Intel/Nvidia boards
    I can change my mind for AMD,but i have less info. about chipsets and so...and idk if AMD can beat core i series...
    But if you have an idea,please share it with me
  17. We all know that the i5-2500K is an excellent CPU, but if you can't afford it, then look for an alternate solution. The dual-core i3-2100 is very good (it can't be overclocked), but if you prefer/want 4 cores, then the AMD 955 BE should definitely be considered. If I had to build a budget gaming system now, I'd probably select an i3-2100 (or an AMD 955 BE) and a slightly faster video card than the GTX 550 Ti.
  18. Hmm...i think i'll go with intel,coz i've researched about good MBs around 1155 socket...
    About i3-2100,will it be good for gaming?i think i'll think about Ivy bridge update when it comes,so i can go with it...
    And 1 more point,i think that good gaming Performance,FPS regards on CPU as much as GPU,so are you sure that i should invest money more on GPU than CPU?Because i was thinking to buy more affordable GPU to fit in with the budget
  19. Please read the following i3-2100 reviews and check what GPU, resolution and settings were used:

    Also read reviews where it's evident that a GPU like the 560 Ti performs better than the 550 Ti on the same platform, e.g.,

    As far as I'm concerned, the i3-2100 (or the slightly pricier i3-2120) and a 550 Ti is a well balanced budget gaming system. If you use the configuration suggested by 008Rohit, you could replace the CPU by the i3-2100 and the GPU by the 550 Ti and that will save you $200 plus taxes.
  20. Wow,That makes me believe :)
    So i'm going to decide well,and i have some time for that...i'll update this forums ASAP
    See you all :)
  21. You need to decide based on your budget and the resolution you'll be playing at.
  22. i think i can go above 1000$ somehow...
    i think 1000$ Budget gaming PC can see my requirements,but things are difficult when @ your country you can't buy abroad...1 of the taxes is 18%,and i know there are other things that i'll have to pay
  23. Do you have to buy from Azerbaijan stores only? I checked and they seem to carry a very limited list of socket 1155 CPUs and motherboards (Asus H61 and H67 chipsets only).

    When ordering from other countries, you need to take into account the warranty and RMA process if something goes wrong.
  24. We have couple of other sites,but they're like this one too...
    I can order from Superbiiz for a shipping cost of 100-150$,but idk about custom taxes...i heard they're about 18%
    I don't care about warranty...but anyways,i have to decide something...
  25. Finding out the tax rate shouldn't be that difficult.

    I checked the Superbiiz site and prices are similar to You could also check what Intel or AMD systems can be built.
  26. I'm trying to find out...
    SystemBuilder at Superbiiz is not so good
    And if i'll buy from SuperBiiz,I'll have to buy without case...
  27. I need more recommendations :/
  28. Best answer
    Check the builds at Tom's, the reviews, etc. Did you look at the September $1000 build?,3027.html

    If your goal is to get an i5-2500K, then it's possible to drop the price by buying a single GPU, no SSD and no CPU cooler until you feel the need to overclock, If it still is too expensive, get an i3-2100 until you can afford to upgrade to the i5-2500K. if you wish to create a new thread specifically asking for a new build. Make sure that you know what your maximum budget is and where you can buy; otherwise you'll be provided with prices and that doesn't help you.

    For what you want, it would be much easier if your budget was up to $1500
  29. I've checked up already...
    Ok,time to dig...
    Thank you :)
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