Nvidia Gt 220 sli fire with onboard hd 4290

Hey, I'm probably asking for something that's nearly impossible but is there anyway to use a ecs ngt220c (it's pretty much an nvidia gt 220 that ecs redid, i don't really know but gt 220 drivers work with it) with my onboard ati radeon hd 4290 that is included with my asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3 motherboard in sli or crossfire or anything similar? I've heard about using radeon as a main gpu and nvidia as physx (I don't even know if that's possible with onboard) but that is no use to me as i don't have anything that uses physx at all. I'd prefer a method that doesn't require spending $100 on a chip or a new motherboard with that chip because i'd rather just get a new graphics card if i had money. My friend gave me the gt220 for free. He told me that he just upgraded to a ati radeon hd of some sort and doesn't use his gtx550 anymore and i got pretty excited until i took the card he gave me home and it turned out to be a gt220 :(. Also, right now, my onboard seems to turn off and not work at all when i boot up with my other graphics card in. Ideas anyone??
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  1. Short Answer,No!!!!

    Crossfire Is Only Possible Between Two Ati Radeon Cards Of The Same Series!
    SLI Is Possible Only Between Two Nvidia Cards!
    And When You Use A Graphics Card, It Becomes The Primary Adapter And The Onboard Shuts Itself Off Because Its Of No Use!
  2. I just got my onboard radeon hd 4290 to work as my main gpu with my nvidia gt220 as my secondary After playing around with some bios settings. Display output only comes from the radeon but device manager and my gpu monitors both show the nvidia gt220. When i used my nvidia on its own, it said its clock was 205mhz(or something ending in an 05mhz) and now its only 135mhz. The other clocks seem to be lower aswell. And instead of losing a gb of ram, i seem to have only lost 300-600mb. Framerates don't seem to be any better; it's as if i'm only using my onboard radeon hd 4290 but the gt220 still works. All i need now is a way to make them both render images together similar to crossfire or sli. Maybe a mod. Ideas anyone??
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