Wireless routers and a hardware firewall

Hello, I am trying to design my home network.

I have a uverse modem and I am trying to connect a second wireless router to my network.

Can I put a hardware firewall Cisco ASA 5505 between the uverse and the wireless router connected via ethernet cable? Both are performing NATing.

uverse --- firewall --- wireless router
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  1. What are you trying to accomplish?

    create a separate network or use the second router as an additional wireless access point?
  2. Trying to create 2 separate wireless networks.

    I understand 2 NATing devices may be an issue?
  3. Okay

    do you want the PC on the two wireless networks to be able to see each other?

    If so, you can name the SSID different but still be on the same network by disabling the second router's DHCP, change the LAN IP address, and connect the network cable to one of the four LAN ports.

    Otherwise you could assign a static IP to the second router based on the Cisco's IP scheme and set that IP into the DMZ on the Cisco should you experience problems
  4. I do not want the laptops to see each other. They should be on two different networks.

    Not sure how this setup will work.

    Uverse router is using NAT ---> going to a Cisco firewall ---> going to a wireless router using NAT.

    I have heard double NATing breaks some protocols.
  5. If you're trying to use one wireless router to split it up, unless the thing can do multiple SSIDs, then no, you can't. You'd need two wireless routers. Once that's done, you wouldn't really need the FW anymore unless you want that extra security there.

    In that scenario it would be:


    Otherwise, just hang two wireless routers off the uverse router if it has the ports to do so.

    I can't see how else you'd do that simply.
  6. You can use the second router as a wireless access point with different SSID. First lapton uses the router 1 then second laptop uses the access point.
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