Can someone critique my gaming build? First time builder

Looking for a system to primarily play SWTOR and max settings 1920*1080 and get a consistent 60fps+. Can anyone find anything wrong with this build? This is my first build so I want to make sure I have everything right.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz

CASE: RAIDMAX Tornado ATX-238B Black SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

VIDEO CARD: EVGA 012-P3-1571-AR GeForce GTX 570 HD



RAM: Kingston HyperX 8GB



Everything comes out to $1002. Would I be able to get a 600w PSU if I dont plan on overclocking or doing SLI or should I stick with the 700w? This is pushing the boundaries of how much I want to spend so if I can knock some dollars off and not lose performance, that would be nice.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. With the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K (all 2nd generation Intel Core processors) you want to sure that you use memory that is rated at 1.5v ±5%. Using memory with a higher voltage can damage the processor and void your warranty. So change your memory to this Kingston Hyper-X or if you don’t want to wait for it to come back in stock select some G.Skill or Corsair memory to fill your needs.

    Also with the Intel Core i5-2500K if you are planning to overclock with it you are going to need to add in a good 3rd party HSF (Heatsink/fan) to deal with the increased heat.

    Otherwise your build looks good.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Thanks for the help. I dont plan on overclocking, at least not right away. What do you think of the PSU? Can I get away with a 600 or 650 watt PSU instead of the 700?
  3. Some Coolermaster PSUs have liar labels and/or claim protections they lack (facts, not opinions; reviews at HardwareSecrets). That's dishonest, and earns Coolermaster a place on my personal "Do not buy" list. Fortunately, there are much better PSUs out there anyway, such as Seasonic, Antec, and Corsair. 550W-650W would be enough for your build with a single GTX570.
    Otherwise, your build looks good.
  4. When you have questions on PSUs and how much you need this is a great tool that can give you a nice low end figure to look at . Right now with your build you are looking at 450w on the low end. A 600w or 650w would be about right for you if there is a chance that will overclock in the future. The Cooler Master Silent Pro is a Tier 3 (solid power supply). There are a number of good Tier 2 boards from Corsair, Antec and OCZ that you can pick up out if you want to look at those.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. For a psu

    CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650

    some of the money you save here should be spent on a better case
  6. went ahead and switched out the ram to this

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB 1.5v

    and the psu
    CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650M 650W

    thanks again for the replies. I had no idea about the ram voltage. you saved my butt on that one.
  7. Outlander_04 said:
    For a psu

    CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650

    Yeah I saw that one and was going to get it, just afraid of going to cheap on the PSU. I took the next corsair up which is $109.
  8. AFAIK, Corsair doesn't have any "bad" PSUs. Either of them would have been fine.
  9. Onus said:
    AFAIK, Corsair doesn't have any "bad" PSUs. Either of them would have been fine.

    Thats good to know. Maybe i will get the cheaper one and put more money in the case.
  10. The TX 650 is a is a great power supply . You can have a lot of faith in its quality , and the price is amazing right now .

    You definitely need to change the case . One 120 fan out and one 80 mm in will not handle the heat of your graphics card well .
    The Coolermaster HAF 912 , and antec 300 are popular budget choices
  11. Referencing my earlier post, I would recommend strongly against any Coolermaster product. Antec cases are nice, and so are Lian Li. In the budget segment, check out Rosewill. The Challenger U3 (the new version with USB 3.0 ports) looks good.
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