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hi guys i run B960 pentium dual core processor on HM 65 based mobo, currently with 1 stick of 2 GB DDR3 ram.
Though I am not facing any bottleneck in my system (i use merely 50% ram), but since the memory sticks these days come so cheap so I was thinking of doing a little ram upgrade to my laptop.
I wanted to know if the ram upgrade, to dual channel will be worth the little money i spend on it.
thanks in advance.
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  1. the upgrade to 4gb of ram may help a little bit.

    What OS are you running? XP or later?

    If it's later, then some of the windows optimizations like superfetch and prefetch should be using some more of your available ram which will speed up your system a little bit.

    If you are really using your computer even modern browsers and webpages flash and other more complex pages potentially they will consume more of your memory then the 50% you are saying is in use. I have 5chrome windows open, and they are using 1gb of memory right now.

    If you are not doing anything more complex and really are never over 50% memory usage in Task Manager , then you won't see a benefit.
    You are better off getting an SSD and speeding up your disk
  2. thanks for replying rayseng, i am using 32bit win 7, the ram usage on bootup is only 512MB (25%).
    i run firefox, chrome and ie.
    yes, when i use both firefox and chrome simultaneously then ram usage jumps to 60% but my chrome doesnt consumes 1 GB, may thats cuz i dont have many addons.
    SSD will not provide much benefit as i boot only once a month, moreover my system boots up in mere 33 secs.
    please tell me more about superfetch and prefetch and how to speed up my system if its possible.
  3. ssd is not just for bootup, it makes everything faster because everything in a modern computer is waiting for the disk, assuming you are not waiting for ram or waiting for cpu.
    But because you asked your question, you think your system is "slow" and want to speed it up. so the first thing I will tell you is you need to speed up is your disk.

    If you think SSDs are only useful for bootup, then I don't understand why you are asking about speeding up your computer.
    Whatever was "slow" about bootup that SSD solves is also the same "slowness" with your regular usage of the computer. If it speeds up bootup, it also does the same speedup on everything else you think is "slow".
    Watch some videos on SSD. If it cuts your boot from 33->15sec. Then, for example, launching firefox will go from .5second->.2.

    If your argument is "who cares .5->.2 is meaningless". Then I will respond that you can then apply that same logic to your whole computer then. Which means you are fine with the speed of your computer and you don't need to upgrade anything.

    My computer from 1998 also displayed webpages and i could not type faster than microsoft word98, so what's your goal.

    If you want to learn about sueprfetch/prefetch, press f1 and type it into Windows' Help or google it.
  4. thanks for replying or i should say bashing?
    i do appreciate your help but i will suggest you to stop assuming things and jumping to conclusions and please no bashing.
    to make myself more clear,
    all i meant was if there were any cheaper and easier way of making my computer a little more faster if it can be.
    also i meant to say the cost to performance ratio of SSD doesnt works out for me (no arguments necessary, im just out of budget).
    A ram(2GB) costs just 10% the SSD(128GB), so you see my point.
    what i would have appreciated more is if you could shed some light on should i go with upgrading ram to dual channel or not and confined yourself to it only.
    after all this amazing forum is for helping each other rather than discouraging people from asking genuine questions and opinions.
    cheers mate, i didnt meant any offence
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