Seperate connectro for the fan LED. Help please!

I recently bought some new 120mm fans and a new cooler master case for my pc, and of course a new cpu cooler. Everything is 20 degrease cooler! woopie!

But the problem is. My new 120mm fans have LED's. Which isn't a problem. Is that they have a seperat connector for the the LED. And to be honest. I'm not sure where it goes. It's a single pin connector. Similar to the ones you put on the 'Q-Connector' (I think that's right?) the connectons for the front pannel etc..

Can i have some advice on where to put these connectors? thank you in advanced

p.s. i have looked for this on google etc. but i couldn't find anything.

Mother board: ASUS P5N-E SLI

that's the fan
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More about seperate connectro please
  1. According to the description on the website, it sounds like the extra connector might be for turning the LED on or off w/a special fan controller.

    It says there is a jumper selectable on/off, so check on the fan itself. Maybe there's a jumper you can change to turn it on.

    On-the-Fly Light Switching
    Another BitFenix first, Spectre LED Fans features on-the-fly LED on/off switching. Simply connect Spectre to either the BitFenix Hydra Fan Controller or Survivor Chassis, and turn your Specter LEDs on and off with a press of a button. Spectre can also work as a regular LED fan with jumper-selectable on and off.
  2. OK, so we need to guess a bit. From the advertising blurbs and Bitfenix website, there are two operating modes for the fan and they are jumper selectable.

    With the jumper in one position, the fan should function as a "normal led fan". With the jumper in the other position, it can attach to a Bitfenix controller or case.

    So, I assume that you have no problem installing and getting the fan itself to run, so the power connector must be separate and you must have connected it properly. If the led is not "on", then find the above-mentioned jumper on the fan and change its position. You should NOT need the one-pin connector to run the fan with either led off (as it is now) or led on (changing the jumper) in a non-Bitfenix environment. The one pin connector is probably a ground connection that the Bitfenix controller will make if you press its button.

    That's my guess.
  3. Ah okay thank you. Theres a disconectable wire for the fan to connect it to the Bitfenix Controller like you said there was. The fans are working. Have had them in since they arrived (2 days ago) I was just puzzled with the extra connector! I just fitted my GTX 460 so ill install that etc make sure it;s working. And then ill look for that jumper switch on the fan, and will get back to you! :)
  4. Well when i found the time to look. I remember there was a seperate cable etc that connected the jumper together to enable the LED ETC. Thanks for the help never the
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