Computer Connects to Router, but doesn't get internet

We recently got a new internet bundle, and when we hooked it up to our wireless router, our Desktop connects fine, and can use the internet. When I connect wirelessly, or with a cable, it recognizes the connection, but can't access the internet.

I'm running a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7, and the router is a Netgear MR814v2.
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  1. You have contradictory terms here.

    You say the internet is connected to the router, your desktop connects fine and to the internet without problems, however a computer connected via cable or wirelessly cannot access the internet. Something is wrong here.

    How does the desktop computer connect? What is it connected to? and how?

    Your DSL or Cable box must be plugged into the "Uplink" (WAN) port of the router.

    All wired computers plug into a numbered port on the router.

    WiFi of course is wirelesss.

    Do this and it should work.
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