Updated BIOs for Intel DX58SO now the screen flashes, then black

So yesterday I updated the BIOs on my Intel DX58SO motherboard and the computer was running fine for about 10 min. Now when I turn the computer on, it looks like it is skipping the BIOs screen and logging into windows. However, the screen goes black after about 2 seconds of the windows login screen being on. When I remove and replace the VGA adapter from my Video card (Radeon HD 6870) the screen flashes on briefly (for about 2 seconds) and then goes black once again. I am trying to roll back my BIOs update with a USB flash drive but I cannot find a proper ISO file that will write to a USB stick. I have done nothing to the computer except update the BIOs, so I think that may be the problem. Also I have tried moving the jumper and the battery. They do not seem to work. Input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. OK, just to try, please take out the battery on your motherboard for 5 minutes, replace it and try again and let me know what happens
  2. first copy bios file to blank USB drive with format fat32 ( only 1 bios file in the USB drive no folder) this is the bios recover, I use this every day at work
    Take out power connect to main board, take out memory, battery, No hard drive or any optical device, take out the yellow jumper for 30 min.
    Now plug in all power, memory, battery, do not plug in the yellow jumper or hard drive, dvd drive. This is intel bios recover mode
    insert USB drive to usb port power on wait for 2 min you will see screen for bios update, If you get error code on main board LED like 69 ( bios error) go back to do the same thing but this time use only 1pc of memory at first blue memory slot.
    Good Luck
  3. Hey guys, thank you for all your help. It actually turned out to be my Vizio 26" monitor. Would anyone know how to troubleshoot this or is my monitor shot?
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