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Unable to connect windows xp workstation to windows 2003 server

Last response: in Networking
November 11, 2010 8:14:09 AM

I have a client application running on windows xp workstation and the server application is on windows 2003 server but each time i login to the xp workstation with a normal user on the domain the client application will not connect except i login with a power user or an administrator on the domain.

Please help me with this.
November 12, 2010 12:51:44 AM

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November 12, 2010 7:30:32 PM

There are plenty of programs that don't like to run as a regular user. Check the Application/Error log in Windows when you try to run it as a regular user.

This is not normally an issue, rather just a by-product of how the program was written. Unless you have some strict security policies you can add every user to the power user group. At work that's what we do.