$800 build advice

Approximate Purchase Date: Late October (BF3!)

Budget Range: $800 (No Rebates)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Pure Gaming!

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: msy

Country of Origin: Australia

Parts Preferences: I prefer bang for buck over brand name

Overclocking: Maybe - would prefer the option but not immediately

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe - would prefer the option but not immediately

Monitor Resolution: 1600x1200

Build so far

i5 – 2500 $220
Asrock extreme3 gen3 - $140
G.Skill 4G 1600 $37
6870 - $185
Antec HCG 520W - $80
Antec 300 - $60
Seagate barracuda - $55
Samsung SATA 22x Black DVD RW - $20

I think 520 - 550 will be enough but would you recommend seven team ST-650PCG, its $50]

http://www.msy.com.au/default.jsp please use for recommendations

any advice is great
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  1. 520w won't be enough for crossfire. You'll need 4 graphics card connectors and 600-700w.
  2. im aware of this, ill think ill just get a stronger one when needed in the future, probably not for a while though, any other advice?
  3. This is what you need dude

    Corsair CX 600w

    It's only $89. You save yourself 80$ in the future if you just buy this one right now :).

    although, it can be seen at guru3d.com

    You only need 450w but it's better to be safe than sorry :)


    Get the i5-2500k version not the i5-2500. It's on sale right now and is only $10 higher! Get it since you plan on overclocking.


    Also, buy yourself a cooler

    This is the most recommended cooler right now. I know it gets hot in the land of the kangaroo :).

    Coolermaster Hyper 212

  4. yeah ill go the CX, i don't know how i missed it. Ill also go with the k version, but can't you overclock the the non-k anyways.

    hahaha its not that bad in Melbourne so ill hold off on the cooler till i need to overclock
  5. mershaq said:
    yeah ill go the CX, i don't know how i missed it. Ill also go with the k version, but can't you overclock the the non-k anyways.

    hahaha its not that bad in Melbourne so ill hold off on the cooler till i need to overclock

    The only thing left I would recommend is a better GPU. :) 6950 or 6970. BF3 is GPU demanding. :) Then again, you'd have to get a 750w PSU.

    Oh yeah another thing, you'd better get 2x4gb ram. It's better in the long run since most games are getting to be big ram eaters

  6. I think that those graphics cards are out of the budget and im only using a 1600 x 1200 monitor so it should be ok. also ill add more RAM later when needed
  7. Then you're all set! Good luck my friend :).
  8. thanks for the help, hope this first build goes ok
  9. It looks good except for one thing...I wouldn't ever plan for Crossfiring two 6870's due to microstuttering issues: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-geforce-stutter-crossfire,2995.html

    Also, is there a reason you ignored the Powercolor 6870 for $169?: http://www.msy.com.au/product.jsp?productId=6839

    Stick to the 4GB (2x2GB) RAM because you're on a budget. There's no since in limiting when 4GB will do great in all games now.

    As far as the PSU, an Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or XFX will do. That 600W will handle two 6870's in crossfire, but like I said above, I'm not sure you want it.
  10. yeah i don't wont to crossfire the 6870's but can't find a good board, what do you think i need in a non crossfire board

    I think ill go for the powercolor one, is their any difference in brands?
  11. There's a slight difference...mostly in warranty, between brands. Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and XFX tend to be highly regarded with video cards--just like they are everywhere else. (MSI's a tier below on mobos though still good).

    You know what, I think you should save some cash by reusing an old case for now (I'm sure you know somebody with a case). Either that, or find a cheaper case. Are there any other websites you can buy from? What I'm getting at is...the i5-2500K is too good for just a Radeon 6870. You should either save up some money before you buy and get a GTX 560Ti or 6950 or save your money right now and buy a Phenom II x2 955BE.

    Since you want to buy this at the end of October, I suggest you wait until Mid-November when Black Friday sales come out and build a much stronger gaming build for $800.

    I can't really recommend spending $800 to pair an i5-2500K with an 6870. I'd sooner pair a Phenom II x4 955BE with a GTX 560Ti--because that would be a better gaming machine.
  12. yes i see what your saying and thats a good idea but is a 6950 needed for a 1600 x 1200 monitor or will the monitor make no difference
  13. and also instead of the phenom is there a bulldozer processor in the same price range
  14. Bulldozer should be out in a week and needs AM3+ motherboards. No word yet as to gaming performance. I wouldn't buy until it's out though so you can see the price drops it causes.
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