BSOD! need help in BIOS

I am getting a BSOD that says An attempt was made to write to read-only memory.
The error code is 0x000000BE (0xFFFFF8800B40FFF8, 0x000000016F423900, 0xFFFFF880009A97B0, 0x000000000000000E)
I cannot get past the "Starting Windows" message in windows 7, when the computer attempts to load the little dots that come together into the windows logo i get the BSOD above.
my system specs are,
Processor: AMD Phenom X4
Memory: 6 gigs DDR2
Graphics: ATI Radeon 4850
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
My motherboard is an ASUS M4A785-M and the BIOS is the most updated version (1006).

I was told that to fix the problem I needed to disable video shadowing, will someone tell me where I can find that with my current BIOS menu or tell me how to fix the problem? thanks so much
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  1. You may not be getting any help because ASUS M4A785-M isn't mentioned in the topic title.
    You can try posting this question in the motherboard section of the forum and use a more descriptive title that mentions your motherboard model.
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