Problem with ancient computer

Hey guys Im gonna bring back into ancient times right now. I finally found some time to dink around with my computer from like 2005. Ill give you my specs then I'll state my problem.

-Intel P4 3.0ghz 1bit
-430W thermaltake powersupply
-500gb hdd
-2.5 gb of ram
-GeForce 7600 AGP (yes AGP)
(if you guys need more info just ask, I'm new to this)

K the problem I'm having is that when I push the power button it turns on for about 5 seconds then shuts off. And I believe just the fans are running or somthing because it has that mono tone kind of sound not the usual booting noise. I think i may have some funky wiring going on as I took it apart and back together without knowing where absolutly everything went.

I do have pictures of the entire desktop so if you want to see them just tell me how to post em on here and Ill show you them.
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  1. Bit hard to diagnose over the internet .

    You have to do some home work here and make sure everything is plugged in the right way . Then get back to us
  2. This one's helpful:
    Tinypic will host your picture so we can see it (AFTER you go through that ^ please).
  3. Sweet man thanks for the link. Gonna take it apart and do it all over again. Hopfully it will work this time.
  4. K so I followed the steps from my Motherboard manual and this link you gave me until the booting section. The Motherboard I have has this thing called POST (power-on-self-test)

    Edit: I found the definitions of all the codes using POST. When I power on the compute I get first 8.3. then goes to 9.6. then 9.F.

    83 says "ATX Power Supply Ready".

    96 says in the power off sequence table "De-Assert CPU core Voltage"

    Anybody understand this?
  5. NEVER FREAKING MIND! I just attained hall of fame status in my books. I got the computer running by placing some jumper cap that came off my harddrive onto the CCMOS Clear spot. How retarded is that??!?! The computer has now booted up. But I need to get the usb ports running because I aint gonna get anyway without it. Ill keep updating this as I go
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