5870 CrossfireX and multi displays

I have an ECS A790GXM AD3 mobo it has an onboard ATI 3400, I have one 5870, i want to get a second 5870 for CrossfireX, If i put 3 displays can i use the 3 cards simultaneously? I've seen that you can use 1 Vcard with the onboard if you're using 3 displays but i don't know if it'll work with 2 Vcards.
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    I don't know the answer to that question either, but I would find a 5870 that has a displayport just in case (you'll need an adapter) and if it doesn't work than you could use that card to hook up all three of your displays.
  2. Thanks, but i think i'll be buying a second 5870, and i won't use 3 displays for 3 displays it would be better 2x5970 or 2x6990
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