Is 2GB of VRAM excessive?

If you're only using a single 1080p resolution monitor, is having 2GB of VRAM "excessive" in most cases? Both of my HD 5870's have 1GB. Is 1GB enough in most cases or do games like Crysis and GTA 4 use 100% of video memory and then the game slows down?

I know that there are cards with 3GB of GPU memory. Who the hell needs 3GB?
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  1. at this point in time I would say yes but no doubt there will come a time, probably in the medium future where that type of vram size is necessary but for now I'd say no. In most benches Ive seen the 2 GB of vram makes zero difference even at high res/ multi monitor setups there is a tiny difference in some benches that are done at 1600p etc but id say likely 98% of games will be held back by the core way before they will be held back by the 2GB buffer, even in that high res/ multi monitor scenario, but in the future that will change its only a matter of when... those are my thoughts anyways.

    3 Gtx 580s are practically the fastest solution on the planet with only 1.5 GB of vram
  2. Some games are slowly creeping into the realm of being difficult for 1 gb. Crysis 2 with the new DX11 combined with High Res Texture package really strains most 1gb cards at stock settings.

    But in general for single displays you will be fine with 1gb.....for now!
  3. ^ I'd like to see some benches of crysis 2 with the dx11 patches with 1 gb cards vs 2 gb to see if your comment is actually true or not, you very well may be right but im just curious to see it in numbers, the games looks stunning with the dx11 and high res texture packs

    edit: Also I can speak from experience, I run 2 EVGA 560 ti's in SLI and I get near 60 fps with all settings but when I turn on the high res pack I get random crashes (black screen with music still playing). With all other settings max I can play it all I want however.
  5. elrui said:

    While the benchmarks do have cards with 2GB of VRAM, there is no direct correlation that having more than 1GB of VRAM improves performance. The video card with 2GB that were used in the benchmarks are more powerful than the video cards with just 1GB of VRAM; for example the HD 6970 w/ 2GB and the HD 6850 w/ 1GB. Clearly the more powerful HD 6970 would beat the less powerful HD 6850 even if it only had 1GB of VRAM.

    If the benchmark included HD 6950 1GB and HD 6950 2GB cards, then that would be more definitive since the difference would just be 1GB.
  6. I don't think it's excessive because crysis 2 dx11 is using all of my 1gb at only 1680x1050, and I've heard metro 2033 uses more than that. If you're running 1080p seems like 1.5 would be adequate.
  7. Yes, it would be great for Metro 2033 and Crysis 2, but I don't know of any other games that would make use of 1GB+.
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