Cant figure out how to installmobo drivers win8

well i did i clean install of win 8 and when i stick in my driver disc for my mobo it says that this version of windows doesn't support xpress install. how would i go about installing the drivers if i cant use the installer on the disc

thank you for any help
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  1. try downloading them from your motherboards website. Some times the ethernet doesn't work without the drivers, some times it does, but if yours isn't then try putting them on flash drive from another computer.
  2. luckily it is working. it didnt work with win 7 but the driver disc did.

    either way i found the website but i am not sure which driver to download. or sould it be all of them?

    i tried downloading one of them and when it finished it extracted the file but im not sure if it is in the right spot or if it is even working correctly

    link to download page not that it will explain anything
  3. you've got driver disc with no drivers for win8 and need to go to their official website for download.
    choose windows 8 drivers for 32 or 64 bit, better to update them all including chipsets, vga, lan and audio, and if you have ahci/raid configuration.
  4. Here are the drivers that you need to install:
    Creative SB X-Fi MB2
    Intel INF installation
    Intel LAN Driver
    Atheros LAN driver
    Marvell SATA Controller Driver

    You might need other drivers, but that would be on a case by case basis.
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