Zotac GTX 550 Ti AMP Edition

So I have already ordered the card. But I am going for a second opinion on power consumption...
Referencing this article: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-550-ti-gf116-radeon-hd-5770,2892-16.html
says the card consumes 102 watts on full load. I know that is quite a bit of power for 1 card at times but. Would a 475 watt PSU that is going to run my whole rig good enough or should dedicate the card a 350 watt PSU?

System Specs:
AMD Phenom 2 X2 @ 3.2GHz @ 80 Watts
10GB DDR3 1333 RAM @ 1.5V
320GB WD HDD @ 5.4k RPM

I have:
475 & 350 watt PSU

Main question: Can I use my 475 watt power supply already running my rig or should I bring in my 350 Watt PSU to be dedicated to the Zotac AMP! GTX 550 Ti.
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  1. Nah you'll be fine. Adding 1 W for each GB of RAM, at best 10W for each drive still has you well below the power threshhold.
  2. what make and model psu is it? you shouldnt need to run a second psu.
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