What is better water cooling or air cooling for my AMD FX 8150

hello, im looking for a cpu cooler for my AMD FX 8150.. my computer case is a Raidmax 238WU.. So im looking for a cooler that will fix my case and is good for my Amd..
Is water cooling better for my AMd 8150 or air cooling,

Can you please post links of the product that is best,. i might over clock a bit and i heard AMD FX 8150 gets really hot.
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  1. What about the included hydro cooler?
  2. its not included, its sold seperate.
  3. popatim said:
    its not included, its sold seperate.

    Well I have little interest in it (bulldozer) so I did not follow changes like that but this is what was announced with the 8150 in the beginning http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1743/1/
    A corsair H100 would be my replacement choice!
  4. To the OP the H100 is overpriced and marginally if a bit worse than high end Air Cooling my advice to you is to get something from Noctua for a better value and excellent performance as compared to any pseudo closed loop wannabe liquid cooler.
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