Motherboard smells like a hot glue gun ..RAM MOSFET?? veeeerrrry hot

sup guys,
ok so i have an older MSI ms-7309 ver.1 am2 mobo that worked just fine 2 months ago when it was replaced with a new x4 phenom ....... the case was sealed with pallet wrap (Extreme plastic wrap) when it was put into storage and now it wont post. iv pulled all the parts out of the case and made sure they were all still clean and dust free also checked for burn marks and obvious short points which there were none. iv replaced both the cpu and ram with known working parts but still no post. when i power it on without ram i get 1 very quick beep almost instantly and then 5 short beeps, but with it i get nothing and all the keyboard lights stay on ..... i am at a loss ... any ideas would be great

the link SHHHould(if i did it right) show the part im talking about under the crosshairs... i beleive its the rams power choke takes no time for it to heat up and melt the solder under it but i dont leave it on but a few seconds
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  1. ANYYYYone??? no ideas ....???
  2. Maybe on your last CPU change the voltage was to high for some reason at start up and it appears as though your RAM controller is KO ed , but if anything melted at ALL I know your in it a NEW mobo.

    MOSFETs can be tested with an ohm meter, and often short between the gate and the source or drain. Bad capacitors can make MOSFETs run very hot, and those brown ones labelled "KZG" are known to fail without visible signs, while "KZE" are reliable. Sometimes the voltage regulator chip driving the MOSFETs (could be that small 8-pin chip behind the green Sanyo capacitor) is damaged when the gate shorts and must be replaced to prevent new MOSFETs from overheating.
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