XFX HD 5850 Problems!!

Hello everyone I been scrolling the forums tring to figure out what my problem is I, My XFX Radeon HD5850 Black edition card is causing problems. when i try to play a simple game like CSS after a few minutes i get a flicking and the screen turns into gray or brown vertical lines and most of the time freezes my PC, I tried adjusting down my GPU clock settings & memory clock settings. I jut downloaded and installed the latest AMD catalyst 11.7 and not sure what teh hell is going on!! any one have any ideas??? Plz help

My system is:

win 7 x64
Asus crosshair IV formula
AMD phenom II x6 1090T
cp-850 Antec 850W power supply
XFX Radeon HD 5850 (part # hd-585x-zabc)
2 sticks of G.Skill DDR3-1600 PC3-12800 2gb
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  1. The same thing happened to me once when my 9-month old 9800GT card died - soldering failure.
  2. It sounds like the card might actually be dying, especially since downclocking it had no effect. Your best bet would be to contact XFX directly and submit a support ticket. If you bothered to register it, the card should still be under it's lifetime warranty, in which case they should issue an RMA without much hassle. If you never registered it, they only cover such cards for one full year, but they may issue a 1-time replacement if you've gone beyond the first year.
  3. Ok so since i have a Asus MB and have a 6-core AMDS processor am i running the wrong memory??? look at this Asus PDF i just found.


    Would this cause my system and graphic card to not sync with the memory controller in my CPU

    My memory is F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
    DDR3-1600 PC3-12800
    CL9-9-9-24 1.5v
  4. I have little doubt that the system's memory is of no concern. And that .PDF only lists approved (aka ASUS in-house tested) DDR3-2133/2000 modules, but you're using DDR3-1600. That doesn't mean yours isn't compatible. There are very, very few known memory incompatibility issues on modern systems designed for DDR3.

    Are you running into issues while playing other games as well? And did this issue occur prior to installing Catalyst 11.7, or only after installing it? If only after, then uninstall that driver package and reinstall an older one. 11.4 and 11.5 have proven themselves far more stable than 11.6, and 11.7 may still have a bug in it that's causing the problem.
  5. What I was wondering was

    A. Did the computer run fine before and start doing this after the driver install ? Or was it running ok say a month or so ago or has it been doing this all along type thing ? I just wasn't clear on that from your initial post.

    B. I see your card is the black edition, was the card overclocked ? You said you tried turning down the settings is why I asked. Or were you running stock settings and then turned them down (under clock).

    C. Does it happen in other games ? In other words do you get the same exact results with the gray/brown lines and the freeze. Or do they play fine or does something else happen ?

    D. Does it do anything else freaky ?

    E. Have you tried a GPU stress tester like Furmark ? If your card is failing this will bring it to it's knees :D

  6. Well it turns out my graphics card is to blame for everything. barrowed a friends GTX250 card and did windows did a quick update on its own and it works great.

    as for your questions.
    A. i had problems from the beginning, then i removed one stick of memory that was bad and it fixxed it for a little bit, then it started again after a week or so.

    B. The card was always left @ stock settings, I turned down the clock settings just to see if it would help, but it still failed.

    C. It flickered and froze up the PC in WoW, CSS, and some times just idling in windows.

    D. Nope just flickers and freezes up at random times, some times during boot up, the motherboard had a LED boot list and it shows DRAM, VGA, BOOT, during boot up it get stuck at at VGA now and the PC cant boot up now, Ever since i changed out the video card it boots up and runs fine (GTX250 Card)

    E. Never done a GPU stress test.
  7. Well it's good that you know what needs to be done. That's half the battle ;)
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