Graphics help for new Build-

I need help choosing between a 560 Ti or a 6950 1gb. I did not go for the 2 GB model since I will only be using one monitor at 1920 x 1080 23".

I have a I5 2500k
ASRocks P67 Extreme 4
PSU Not sure if it is good enough. I can easily return it.

I do not really care about psyx. My choices for the 560 is the Asus or the MSI Twin Forz II

For 6950 I am not sure which are good. Been looking at ICEQ models. I have also been thinking about just getting a 6870 and then using Crossfire soon.

I hope you can help.
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  1. What programs do you typically use?
  2. I am sorry, I forgot to add that. I will use it mostly for gaming. I will also do simple tasks such as word processing and Internet.
  3. Specific games will help, as some work better on Nvidia or Radeon chipsets, though the difference may be marginal.

    Word processing and web browsing is almost irrelevant, some people do prefer different cards for the text rendering, but that's so idiosyncratic it's impossible to give a recommendation based on it.
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