Please suggest me graphic card cost n best one as per my budget...

I have 2.5 gb RAM, AMD 2.9 Ghz, Asus M2N68 +2 Motherboard with onboard graphics 512mb nvidia 7025, I want to add new graphic card. Please suggest me the current rate of 1gb nvidia geforce 9600 n which ever model of 1gb nividia comes to my budget of Rs.2600/-
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  1. I don't live in India, so I have no idea what cards fit that price range. If you list what cards are available to you, I can tell you which is the fastest.
  2. 2600 = 50$ ! Which is really low budget but ok fine!
    9600GT 512 Mb Seems Fine, But i dnt think it will come in your budget! Not In India! Because It Costs 4000 Rs!

    Now, The Cards which will come in your budget are

    1. ATi Radeon 5450 - 2,200 Rs
    2. Nvidia 8400GS - 2,500 Rs
    3. Ati Radeon 4650 - 2,600 Rs

    Out Of This, I Would Suggest you to buy the 5450! Thats The Best You Can Get For That Money!
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