Connection on one computer no longer working

Today I brought my computer out of Sleep mode and it wasn't able to connect to the internet for anything.

The internet is working on other computers (clearly). I used the ethernet cable from my computer with others and it worked fine.

Could it be a problem with the motherboard? It is a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3.


Edit: this is using a Belkin Wireless G Router, Model # F5D7230-4
Running Windows 7.

Edit 2: When using the "ipconfig", I get iPv4 address is
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  1. yeah that ip address is the access you will get when the computer doesn't receive an ip from a DHCP server (your router)
    So i am guessing restarting computer or unplugging or plugging in the Ethernet cable doesn't fix the problem?
  2. No, I tried restarting and powering off the router.
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