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Some advice for future SLI/CrossFireX setup

I'm planning to get dual 6850s or dual 6870s (CrossFireX), as well as dual Nvidia 560 SLI as a secondary option. Question is, how concerned should I be about the possible microstuttering issues (or any other potential issues) when running these setups. Will use dual monitor as well (Both 1080p).

I've found similar threads about this but the thing is they all point to 6 month ago issues, so I hope the drivers have improved at the moment...
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  1. I wouldn't do a dual monitor setup. The cross hair will be in the bezels off the screens, so FPS will be hard as heck to play. There is a reason why Eyefinity is 3x1.

    MS happens, but from what I've been told not in all games, and only effects CF. I don't see why SLI would be exempt from what I understand of the issue. The 6870 isn't a weak card, so if it really bothers you in a game, you can always "break" CF and just use the one card.
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    SLI does get microstuttering. If you search, you'll find plenty of examples. However, I have used both a lot, and didn't have microstuttering from either.

    Most the time there is, in the cases of what I've seen from reviews and users, it's game related. At least in the case of SLI.

    I've seen users come here with microstuttering, and some fix it due to some software of setting problem. This seems to be more common with crossfire setups.
  3. Thanks for the answers, so basically at this point most Nvidia 5xx and AMD 6xxx series won't have much issues with Microstuttering.

    Another thing regarding my dual monitor setup, if I got it right you're referring to gaming on dual monitor setup. I probably will never game on dual monitor setup, which means that if I do play a game it will be on one monitor and the other monitor for other purposes.
  4. I do the same. I have a main monitor and a 2nd monitor that has monitoring software on it most the time (more recently I have turned it off more often).
  5. I would just get a single HD6950 2gb for now and another in the future when you want an upgrade. One card should do very well for gaming at 1080p and when you do move to a dual card setup the extra memory will really help get the most out of the large amount of processing power, especially at high resolutions like if you go for a 3 monitor Eyefinity setup.
  6. So I've decided that depending on my remaining budget i'll decide whether single or dual GPU. Thanks for the answers.
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