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I've got some issues with a couple of intel boards and i5 processors. I checked with intel's website and it seems that intel HD graphics can be somewhat of a hangup when gaming (very short list of compatible games). I'm looking to replace the two intel boards I bought, but would like to keep the processors and 8GB of ddr3 memory in each box. What would be good non-intel boards to use (I also have HIS Radeon 6450's in both boxes, but they still won't work on the games I want to play--Halo2 and Combat Arms). I've got a pretty tight budget, but would be willing to shell out what I need to to get a board that will support gaming better than these intels. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    is your cpu sandy bridge series or normal if yes then asus p8z68 vpro will best for gamming or p8p67 pro
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