How to play 64 mb graphic card games in 32 mb

i wanna play transformers 1 on my needs 64 mb graphic card bt i hv 32 mb graphic card also needs pixel shader v1.1........can i make it run on my pc ?????
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  1. I really don't think so.
  2. Pixel shader 1.1 requires specific circuitry inside the graphics chip's core. There is no software that can emulate it.
  3. forget it.the only game that card can run is counter strike condition zero.Latest games use 100 mb just at the game menu
  4. Do you have a nvidia gpu?
  5. Unfortunately, you will need to upgrade. If you are a little short in cash, I'd recommend upgrading to AMD. A cheap Athlon II X2 250 + 2gb of RAM + 6150 chipset based motherboard will work just fine.
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