Processor stuck at 800 mhz

I just bought a new processor and my computer doesn't recognize it but CPU-ID does, I'm wondering why my computer is only using 800 MHz out of 3.0 GHz. Can anyone help?
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  1. That's amd's cool n quiet. Idle downclocks to save power and heat. Run prime95 and watch it jump to 3.0 ghz
  2. I'm new to all this, I'm sorry, how would I do that?
  3. The last time i upgraded my cpu with a black edition cpu it had no problem.
  4. download it and then run it. or just run a game, not solitaire, and keeping cpuid active you can watch the speed change, or you can disable cool n' quiet in the bios and reactivate again later.

    if the speed doesnt change at all then you need to make sure your motherboard supports the chip at all.
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