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Hi, I have a very simple idea that will help people out when finding threads they have asked questions on or replied to.

When you click on "See My Threads" in the main forum area, where all the sub categories are, nothing appears, this is due to it being set to searching the actual main forums for threads, instead of sub catogories. Instead of this, can it not be made so once you click See My Threads it would show you all the threads you've started/replied to on one page from all the sub-categories? Instead of having to click on the sub categories one by one and then clicking See My Threads?

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  1. Not only will the French ownership of BOM not tolerate this kind of rational suggestion, their immediate surrender is in imminent.
  2. Hello,

    This feature used to exist. However, it was causing too much server load. In the future, we hope to optimize the system and bring it back.

  3. Alright, thank explains it :) Thanks for the reply.
  4. Can we get our private messages category listed on our "See my threads" page?
  5. Private message notifications are at the bottom of the forum root (bad place) and at the top of the "right column" as long as its not hidden (good place), along with a list of all the threads you posted in that have new posts.
  6. I've always had the right column hidden. Always bothered me being brainwashed with ads of stuff I don't need. I guess I'll just have to live with being brainwashed. Thanks randomizer.
  7. I ignore everything there except the top part. I also use an adblocker, so it's only the out-dated news that shows up for me.
  8. Unfortunately if you are using the UK site the right hand column is broken and remains blank the US one is fine and the same goes for the pull down goto menu at the bottom left of the page, on the US site it seems to work fine but on the UK site using that to try and change sections will take you on a mystery tour around the forum but never to the destination you chose.
  9. No, I've never really had any problems with the right hand colum... Ever. I even see a Iron Key ad. BTW, has anyone ever tried them?
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