Quiet CPU Cooler that uses stock mounting?

My two htpc's cpu fans are too noisy for my tastes and would like to change out the coolers for a quiter one.

The AMD, is in a HTPC desktop case and could accomodate a wide cooler but not a very tall one.

The Intel system is mounted in an old VCR I modded and has plenty of room but a 120mm fan, like the hyper 212, might be too tall.

Neither case has a motherboard tray or access to change the stock mount unless I completely disassemble them and thats why I'm looking for quieter coolers that use the stock mounting. Neither one has heat issues, just noise.
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  1. Thanks for the links but neither of those use the stock cooler mounts.
    All the other fans are quiet, its just the cheap stock cpu fans thats left.
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