My laptop shutdown and wouldn't turn on :(

My laptop is about 3 years young. It's a windows 7 64 bit with 4GB RAM. Series 4 Express chipset familly Graphics card. 2.10GHz.

Charger Details: AC Adapter
Model- PA 1650-22
Input: 100-240v ~1.6A(1.6A) 50-60Hz
Output: 19v --- 3.42A(3.42A) 65W

Underneath my battery icon it says "There is a problem with your battery, your laptop may shut down suddenly." It has said that for the last year. My charger has a few holes in it which i already patched up, but it sometimes sparks and smells like burnt rubber. I'm using a grey wire, a red wire and a black wire together to charge my laptop since the mettle stick in my charge hole is gone. Recently my laptop shut down and it wouldn't turn on, not even a red light indicating my charger isn't inserted. My laptop setting is on "Power saver". What should i do?
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  1. hmm you should of replaced the charger, and probably battery as well (after 3 years it would be junk anyway at holding charge) when the problems started.

    now..... without looking at it and testing, on forum its anybodies guess what happen to it
    charger finally dead, battery dead,
    they fried motherboard
    even scarier
    fried motherboard and everything that's attached to it

    for starters remove the battery, and try it with good charger
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