Graphics Card for 350W Power Supply

In a nutshell, I am wondering what the best graphics card would be for my (quite old) desktop computer, which has:

-a 350W power supply
-a maximum of 18A along the +12V rails

In case it helps, other specs are as follows:

Model: Dell Dimensions 5150

Pentium D Dual Core 2.8GHz processor

I had an nVidia Geforce 8500GT for several years (which, incidentally, was overclocked to 1GB and cost £50), but the performance on many games was "iffy" to say the least. That card has recently committed suicide and I'm taking the opportunity to get a new card.
I've been eyeing the 7950GT, but I'm not 100% convinced, from the various sources I've checked out, that the card would work in my machine.

My budget is around £100 ($163), give or (preferably) take.
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  1. Probably because of that Pentuim D cpu it was iffy.
  2. Interesting... I always thought (or assumed, perhaps) it was a graphics problem. As an example, Oblivion would always stutter during combat. This improved dramatically when I turned off shadows in the graphics settings, but was still a problem. Similar problems appeared in other games that were partly fixed by turning down graphics.
  3. What resolution were you playing at?
  4. 1280 by 1024
  5. Pentium D is a dual-core version of Pentium 4. Based on Netburst. It was a awful microarchitecture
  6. I am kind of confused here, am I wrong but... why do you want to upgrade to a pretty outdated card. There are much newer and I think better low power graphics cards.
  7. I'm just trying to upgrade to a good card that will operate on the power supply I stated. I've heard favourable reviews of the 7950GT, but I am by no means set on that one. If there are better cards than that, I'm all ears.
  8. This
    2.8GHz processor
    and this
    Dell Dimensions 5150
    is your problem.
    You can get a 5450 or other low profile card
  9. Ah, thanks. That looks quite promising.
    One thing I notice, though, is that the memory in that card is DDR3. Will this be an issue? The memory in previous cards I've had has always been DDR2.
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