Need help for buying a UPS

1 x ASUS M5A88 - M Motherboard
1 x AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE
2 x 2GB Transcend JetRam 1333 MHz
1 x 1GB Zotac Geforce 9800GT
1 x 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA HDD
1 x Linksys WLAN WMP54G Card
1 x VIP 750W PSU
1 x DELL 19" Widescreen LCD
1 x LG DVD Burner GH22NS50
Creative 2.1 Speakers

This is my full configuration. I have been having some problems with the electricity in my area lately and the ASUS Anti Surge Protection comes up with a message when the power goes off even though i have an inverter installed.

I need some help buying a UPS. Since I live in India, I have limited options on the brands. Local resellers have -

1) Microtek
2) Champion
3) APC
4) Numeric

Since APC is well known i will be buying an APC UPS. But will 600 VA be enough for the above config or do i need one with 800 VA ?
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  1. Instead what you could prefer is 650VA model from APC. It has some GUI which tells you how much your PC sucks power from UPS (PC Consumption). Maximum of 390W you can draw from this 650VA APC UPS. 9800GT takes about 100w max. If you are not money constraint then buy 800av but you still can buy 650VA and connect your speakers off the backup port in case if you find you are overloading 390W in that GUI of APC. but you save more money though
  2. I'm too from INDIA and I own this model.
  3. @ xtcx. Nice to know that you're from India too. The problem is - The reseller says 600 VA APC UPS is for 2100/- and 650 VA is for 3250/- just for 50 VA i am supposed to pay 1150/- extra ?!
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