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Quick Question about 2x6950 for triple monitor set up?

I am in the process of ordering parts for a new gaming system. I'd like to run the eyefinity with 3 monitors. However looking at the prices of monitors it seems that all the resolutions above 1920 x 1080 are HUGE. So knowing this if I want to get a monitor at 1920 x 1080, still running 3, should I still use 2x6950's or bring it down to one card? Or are there some cheap awesome high res monitors that I don't know about? Also any reccomendations on what would be some good monitors for this set up on newegg? I'm willing to spend a couple hundred per monitor but not 1000 a monitor like I was seeing. Thanks a lot, and have a good weekend!
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  1. one HD 6950 will handle up to 5 monitors one Eyefinity, in addition if you want to hook up 3 monitors one of them must support Display Port, 2 HD 6950s in CF mode would be better for high resolution and better FPS when running Eyefinity, check this out
    benchmarks for 2 HD 6950s crossfire and Eyefinity triple monitor
  2. thanks for your reply ilysaml, so even though I'm not getting a higher resolution monitor it wont be overkill to run 2x 6950s? Also I watched the video and the guy kind of confused me, I think I need the stuff in front of me to know what to do. I was thinking of getting 3 of these monitors
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    i meant by higher resolution 5760x1080.... 2560 × 1600 is a higher resolution as well. Even if you don't run Eyefinity and you will be sufficient with a 30" @ 2560 × 1600 you still need to run the crossfire for better FPS and high quality visuals including AA and v.sync on.
    yes these 3 monitors will work on Eyefinity just ensure to have a mini display port to DVI or HDMI adapter to hock up the third monitor (2 in DVIs, third one in the Mini DP- to DVI adapter)
  4. Drohz said:
    so even though I'm not getting a higher resolution monitor it wont be overkill to run 2x 6950s?

    if you think that higher resolution (5780 ×1080) is going to kill you GPUs ? No, as i said before a single HD 6950 will handle them just fine but you need the crossfire for the better performance :)
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