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Bottle-necking or faulty gpu?

Hi my roommate just bought a new computer running an i5 2500 and middle ranged motherboard with a sapphire hd 6870 graphics card. When he plays starcraft 2 he gets about 140 fps. My problem is that my computer only gets about 58 fps on starcraft 2. I'm wondering if this is due to bottle-necking or faulty graphics cards. here are my specs. Thank you.

HAF 932 Case
AMD Athlon II 3.2 Ghz
8 gigs of Gskill Jigsaw 1333mhz Ram
Corsair H50
2 x xfx5870's crossfire
1 cathode
Dvd Drive
1.5 TB Drive 7200
1 TB Drive 5400
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  3. if hes playing at the same rez and quality then yes its possible you have a bottleneck... there is 1 way to test the theory and thats swap cards and do a test... its perfrctly safe as they use the same drivers. just pull yours out and inset his gfx. if you get more fps then remove 1 of your cards and you will get slighly more fps as the 5870 is the slightly stronger single card.
  4. its a bottleneck mainly because sc2 is very cpu intensive.

    Also could partly be crossfire issues
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    I think it's your CPU which is the bottleneck because it's too weak to handle 2xHD5870's in crossfire, get a AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE or above and overclock it to about 3.8Ghz+, i should think that would solve your problem.... maybe :D
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