Will this integrated graphics play minecraft?

Building a budget gaming pc. I was wondering if Id be able to play minecraft using the integrated graphics this MB comes with until I can get a video card down the road??

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  1. The performance will depend on which exact CPU you buy (e.g., HD Graphics 2000-4000) but if you just Google "HD Graphics minecraft" you will find numerous links about the performance. But if you like to play PC games, I strongly suggest that you get a video card.
  2. If you are only going to play minecraft i think it would run.

    If you want to play more than minecraft i would upgrade. You can get a HD7770 for 120-140 and it would be a very nice upgrade.

    Have fun!
  3. I recommend the i5-3570K CPU. Not only is that the recommended gaming CPU for new builds but it also has and adequate GPU for Minecraft.

    If you use MAX quality at 1920x1080 you only get 25FPS, however just a small adjustment and you get 30FPS plus (maybe just go to 1600x900) which is fine for this game.

    I don't own Minecraft, but hopefully it will VSYNC to 30FPS to avoid screen tearing.

    *Torchlight 2 is apparently quite playable on the i5-3570K's HD4000 graphics:
  4. I just read in Maximum PC that the 660 is the 'sweet spot' GPU at $230...
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