Display problem when reinstalling Windows XP

I reformatted my harddrive and am trying to reinstall XP, but I receive an error "Analog input cannot display this video mode". I had replaced the original Radeon PCI video card (no onboard video) with a newer PCIE Radeon card (HD3800)and don't have the original(X1300PRO). The new card only has DVI output. I changed the display adapter in the BIOS to PCI-E, but still receive the error.
Since I don't have a working display, I cannot finish the installation. How can I get the display to function? Do I need a monitor which supports digital input? Can I alter the card to produce an analog output? Help!
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  1. So it shows the BIOS screen but not the XP installation?
  2. Yes, the BIOS screen shows correctly. Also, the ms-dos screens when I boot from the CD are fine, as is the screen showing the files which are copied from the CD to the new partition. Then I receive the display error. This happened several times.
    HOWEVER: I tried it again this morning and the display error occured at a different point. This leads me to think it's a problem with the video card.
  3. I suggest clearing any dust that's on the graphics card, make sure the PCI-E power plugs are in place. I've installed XP over DVI before and have never had this problem crop up. Does the card come with a DVI-VGA adapter to connect your monitor?
  4. Yes, there is a DVI-VGA adapter. Everything was fine and unchanged from before the reformat.
    I keep the dust down fairly well, but I noticed that the onboard fan on the video card wasn't turning! The fan itself was pretty hot. Don't know why, but it's turning fine and and lo and behold the display issue is gone.
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, mister g.
  5. Any time, graphics cards are the hottest component in a computer and if it doesn't get proper cooling there is no other safety feature to shut it down so it won't kill itself. CPUs have a shutdown failsafe (after it tries to slow itself down) but graphics chips keep on running.
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