What cpu should i get

i am writting because of several reasons.
first, i would like to know what processor should i get.because, im building a computer for computer chess which reires number crunching cpu .Second my budget is about 4000 dollars.Third i run programs like houdini and rybka which can use 32 cores and 32 gigbytes of ram so i would like to buy double that amount of ddr3 ram.also, does buying 64 gigabytes of ram ensure that the program will run smoothly if i set not slow down it says it only uses 32gb however, i am not sure how computers work thats why i asked before i buy 64 gb of ram.the fourth reason i am writting is i dunnot neeed lots of grapghics. the fith reason is i dunnot need high end sound card only basic sound card.6th reason is i would like it to have the option to add more cores later in the future that is why motherbaord, processors,ram are keys and 32 core cpu.Last i would like to have thethe option of upgrading memory and cpu.

if you could post links reguarding the computer where to buy i would be very greatful to thodse who took the time to do this task.
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  1. A intel sandybridge xeon would be a good choice. 8 cores/16 threads which is expandable to 16 cores and 32 threads with 2 cpu's. Though i am sure most of these are out of your budget.
  2. I don't know a whole lot about it, but it sounds to me that you are looking at more of a server type motherboard with possibly dual CPU's at least.

    Newegg may not be a shopping option for you, but it is a good place to get information. Here are some links to get you started.




    If the motherboard comes with integrated graphics you will be fine. If not, any inexpensive graphics card will do.
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