Is my motherboard or GPU dead?

Hello everyone. I recently bought a new computer and didn't need my old hardware anymore. I just swapped out Mobo,CPU,ram,GFX card. I gutted my sisters old system, and installed all hardware but when I turn on the pc, the monitor light sits idle (yellow light) like it doesn't recognize that I have plugged it to the back of the graphics card.

1.) Power Supply fan spins, stays on. Heatsink fan spins stays on. Graphics card fan spins stays on. Green LED powers on the motherboard and stays on. I have the 24 pin connector plugged in, my graphics card power connector, 4 pin power into the motherboard as well. Clearly power is working since everything powers on and all the fans spin. I connected the "Speaker" (Beeper) and it doesn't beep at all. Don't know if it's busted or what.

I bread boarded it and tried that, but without the beeper working i can't tell. I reseated everything after bread boarding it. Still no luck. It doesn't feel like the GPU is sitting properly in the PCIE slot. I know it fits though because like I said this was all working in my computer before I gave it to my sister. So i know the GPU fits cause I used it for years.

I plugged in a seperate monitor and it also did not work. Both monitors just sit idle like they have no visual. PC starts and stays on, everything spins, lights up, screen just doesn't recognize that it's plugged in. So I'm thinking either A) Graphics card is somehow dead... or B) Motherboard is dead? Zapped? I made sure I had the riser pins placed in the right spots for the motherboard before I screwed it in. The only thing is There are 6 holes on my motherboard with the silver lining (to put on the risers than screw in) and I only have 5 risers. I didn't screw in the sixth hole because it didn't have a riser in it. So

(x) (x) (x)

(x) ( )

(x) I'm using that as an example that's not where the risers actually are. So the X's represent the risers with a screw in them. The () represents a riser but no screw in it, so the motherboard is still sitting on all the risers in the right spots.

Any idea what else I can do? I feel like my only option is to take it to some place have them test to see if mobo or gpu is dead? Or am I maybe missing something? I don't think my motherboard has onboard graphics... hard to figure out. My motherboard is P5LD2 (not SE or deluxe, just plain P5LD2 asus)

Thanks everyone I really do appreciate your time and answers.
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  1. Hi, Try testing it outside of the case. If still not working, try the power supply from your PC.
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