New Build - EVGA MOBO won't start

New - Home-built - EVGA X-58 SLI-3 MOBO, Nvidia Quatro 2000 Graphics Card (workstation GPU), Corsair 1200ax Professional Gold PSU, 24gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance RAM, i7-960 3.20ghz, OCz AGILITY 2 - 60gb SSD, CORSAIR FORCE F120gb SSD, Hitachi 2t HDD, CORSAIR H-50 CPU COOLING SYS., COOLMASTER HAF-X CASE
Build will not start - Checked PSU with Pin 16 (PS-ON) to ground, with a Fan Load - PSU powered up - when connected to M/O, either start switch, MB or Case Switch will not power-up anything,
Blue blinking LED flashes (on MOBO) while PSU is switched on, located approx. center of 24 pin (PW1)
Detached everything except basic req., ie., 24 & 8 connectors to MOBO, sata & power to 60gb SSD, CPU cooling pump & Fan @ MOBO - still will not Power up!

I have verified ground (black) pin alignment to MOBO, as well as verified continuity to ground @ pin assignment as stated in EVGA's installation guide.

What have I overlooked or can check?

Please Assist- Thank-You!
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  1. Go here and go through the checklist. If you still have trouble afterward, please come back for additional help:

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks for your attention! It turned out to be the M/B fastener next to the RAM, very strange, though I choose to dissconnect all peripherals & started POSTing while the MOBO was only resting on the stand-offs, not tightened. Once everything became confirmed, I then started "snugging" the fastener screws, and WHAM_o, the build went OFF-LINE. I back that particular corner back "Off", attempted a re-start, and all was good again. Very, Very strange, as the attaching Back board where the stand-offs become attached/screwed into, is warped. I have never heard of this one, LOL, and Cooler Master is not know for this problem. Thanks Again, INDZ(
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