3x monitor output on a 6950


I want to output to 3x Monitors at the same time. 2x of the monitors will be a clone making up the LEFT screen and the other the RIGHT screen. 1x of the clones is my TV connected by HDMI. The other two connections can be by either DVI or Mini Display Port.

Is all this possible with the ATI HD 6950?

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  1. Possibly, but my question is are you going for 5 screens or three?
  2. three screens total. 2 x computer monitors and 1 x TV. the LEFT pc monitor and TV and the same image. The RIGHT PC monitor is just that, a single screen.
  3. Since it's normal Eyefinity I think it's possible. However since there's a Displayport plug on the card you'll need an active converter to DVI or HDMI for the third monitor.
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