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Hi guys, I would like to know if any of you have this same motherboard (Asus P6X58D Premium) and also have installed the new Windows 8 operative system, I wanted to give it a try, BUT, I first checked the ASUS website for drivers, and the latest ones are the ones for Windows 7 and I don't know if they will release another ones for Windows 8 in the future.

If any of you have any experiences or any ideas of how this would work, let me know please.


PD: I remember that I once installed Windows 8 release preview, and my drivers didn't work, I had to right click them and change the compatibility to Windows 7, but I don't know if that's a good idea.
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  1. Some of Asus's newer X58 boards list Windows 8 drivers so you might try to use them.
  2. The Windows 7 drivers should work, but first use Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant -

    The link that Chris had was for BIOS (i.e. no Win 8 drivers), certain Widows 8 boot features might be lacking e.g. Secure boot and UI but otherwise you should be fine. Afterwards use the same bit size drivers as you did for Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) though I only recommend a 64-bit Windows 8.

    As always, backup ALL of your data!!!!!...etc..
  3. Do you think the drivers for those other Motherboard might work for my motherboard?... Even if its another motherboard (same family I guess) ?.

    Yea I previously used Windows 7 64-bit drivers when I installed Windows 8 release preview, but I had to right click all of them and change the compatibility to Windows 7 in order for them to work. Also that software that you told me (Upgrade Assistant) work fine, It tells me which programs will and which ones will not work on Windows 8 at the moment.
  4. Use these drivers (Win 7); ASUS P6X58D Premium -

    In most instances you'll find the same drivers are used for both Windows 7 & Windows 8; Driver XXXXXX for 32/64bit Windows Vista, 7 & 8.(WHQL).
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