Radeon HD 6990 vs GTX 590?

Listen up. No wars, no arguing here. No asking questions about if i have triple monitor setup and stuff. :non:

Just answer the question people, please. I've seen that in some games, 6990 beats 590. Though, those are few games. In most, GTX 590 beats 6990.

What's your opinion? YOUR PERSONAL OPINION and nothing more!

Money is not a problem. Availability could be though. :fou:

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  1. personal opinion often leads to fanboy wars. alot of the people on this site will give you REAL advice based on facts depending on your needs as a gamer; the info on your setup and future plans for gaming is very important in choosing the correct gpu for your situation. What you are running is very important to what is recommended, so stop trying to be vague and to the point if you want real help. Thats like comparing a gala apple to a fuji apple, some people like one or the other.
  2. im pretty sure that amd's typically are better at high resolution so that could push you that way and i would do some research as to which one could overclock better cause that could push one over the other. you might look into crossfired 6950's and unlock the extra shaders and they will both combine to overclock better then the 6990 and will have the same performance or even better for less unless this is somewhat of an ego build in which case if i had the money id prolly want a 590 or 6990 just to say i had it.
  3. Dudes, forget it, i ain't buying such card at all. I just want to know your personal opinions. Like, which would be best for a 3 1920x1080 monitor setup?
  4. omg man, then why ask? ATI for sure with a 3 monitor setup
  5. Jesus H Christ. I want to know and i ask to. If you have a problem with that then you know what to do. I'm not getting the 6990. I am getting the gtx 590 instead which after all (cuda processors,physX,benchmarks,etc..) is better than 6990.
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