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Hello all,

So here is my concern. I have a bottom of the barrel model Dell Inspiron 620. I am slowly buying parts to build a new computer and i want to start with a CPU. I am going with the Intel Core i7-2600K Processor. Now the question, is my stock Dell motherboard even capable of handling this CPU or should I start with other components?

Any and all answers are appreciated.
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  1. As long as your board has an LGA 1155 socket then it will support it, if you don't know if you have that socket you can use software to tell you want you have like CPU-Z.: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

    Personally when building a new system i usually start with the motherboard, as it is what determines the feature set, so it tends to be best to build around that.
  2. can you run cpu-z and show us what the mobo and memory is, but I would say not. its probably a different socket and therefore incompatible.

    the powersupply is probably weak and therefore not usable, the ram is probably from the previous generation and is therefore unusable. Is the case a tower or a desktop? you may be able to reuse the case if it is a desktop.

    what are you intending to use the PC for? the 2600K is generally considered to be overkill for gaming.
  3. I am at my work computer right now so I am unable to run that test. It seems that it won't work by both your responses though, so I think I will hold off on this purchase and just start my build around the motherboard as you suggest.

    My main purpose for the PC will be gaming, but there will be some photo and video editing thrown in there as well. I read an article on this website saying that the i7 is unnecessary for gaming but I figured I have the funds so I might as well spring for that one and get the little extras it brings to the table.
  4. Your current motherboard currently has socket 1155. Therefore, it is possible to install the i7-2600k. However, you may need a BIOS update in order for the motherboard to recognize the i7-2600k. That's assuming if Dell has such a BIOS update. You might want to check with Dell or at least go to their forum to find out if anyone has successfully upgraded.

    The Core i7-2600k is considered overkill for games because you are paying for Hyper Threading (HT) technology. Games do not use Hyper Threading, in fact, HT can cause a small drop in game performance. There has been a number of tests that has shown this result; the most recent is BattleField 3 where HT causes a 2 or 3 FPS drop when HT is activated.

    Having said the above, most people recommend the i5-2500k because it is around $100 cheaper. The great thing about Intel CPUs with the "k" stuck at the end is that those models are easily overclockable because they have unlocked multipliers. However, the motherboard must have features that allows you to overclock. Brand name computer (like Dell, HP, Gateway), they all do not have overclocking abilities. It just means more headaches for them in the end if your attempt at overclocking the CPU fails and damages your PC.

    Therefore, the best CPU for you to upgrade to is the Core i5-2500, unless of course you intend on replacing the motherboard in the future with one that does allow you to overclock the CPU.
  5. You have changed my mind on the i7, I will go with the i5. I appreciate the detailed responses gentlemen. My question has been fully answered. Thanks.
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