8400gs drivers cause blank screen after boot!

Hi i recently bought a Gigabyte GV-N84S-512I GeForce 8400GS 512 MB card to replace my recently problematic geforce 7650gs 256MB card. I am able to initially boot to install the drivers, however once i have installed them and the comp restarts there is a blank screen immediately after the windows boot! The thing is everytime i try and install the drivers the same problem occurs.
I have 300W psu which i thought may have caused the problem, so i did a check on the voltages and temp using hwmonitor. Its seems i my 12V is running at 8.92V, which seems too low, im not sure if this is causing the problem!
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  1. These are all entry level cards that shouldn't be pulling much power anyway. Does the motherboard have an IGP you could try to boot from?
  2. Unfortunately my motherboard doesn't have a an IGP.
    The main reason i bought the 8400gs was so that i could have a working display. i was planning on getting a radeon 5670-5770 after my previous card went bust but realised that i needed to uninstall the drivers before hand, hence i bought this card. But it just doesnt seem to respond to the drivers at all so i dont know if i should get the radeon card now. I have windows 7 32 bit atm.
  3. I don't think it's your power supply because it booted up before. Have you tried both the VGA and DVI inputs?
  4. iv only tried the VGA, my monitor only has a VGA input.
  5. IS there any way to test the card on someone else's PC? I was fiddling with my card and for some reason it fixed some of the problems after I swapped it my another card.
  6. i do have a brand new pc that i bought to so that i cud do my work on it, but it is a simple model Packard Bell Imedia and only has 250W PSU.
    In the next few days i will try and find a way to get my card to work and see wat happens. Even if i cant get it to work im planning on upgrading both my psu and my card to do more gaming!
    When choosing a psu upgrade does the amperage as well as the mobo compatibility matter? (I kno iv gone slightly off topic :P)
  7. Yes it does, look especially carefully at how many As is supported on the 12V rail. Generally stick to name brands and you'll be safe. The motherboard compatability you don't have to worry too much about as most power supplies support the 24-pin mobo connector anyway. Try taking out the card, booting up, and when that fails shut it down, put it back in and boot. I was having huge graphics troubles with my 4870 and I fixed it by taking it out and putting it back in.
  8. Currently my 300W psu supports 18A on the 12V rail and the 450W psu i was lookin into for upgrade has 35A (12V), i didnt know if this would cause problems for the mobo or not. The motherboard i have is an old BTX and the new psu have ATX2.3 support, again wasnt sure if there would be issues or not!
    As for the graphics card i will try your solution, if that doesnt what do you suggst i do?
  9. BTX? I'm using an old BTX right now to type this. As for the graphics card i would suggest looking for another graphics card (the 8400 tends to be both old and buggy) or try to fit it into your Packard Bell case and try to boot it up.
  10. I tried doin wat u told me and its got the same probs :(
    If i boot it in the packard bell which has a 250W psu will there be problems?
  11. Probably not unless the power supply couldn't handle 18A on the 12V rail. Maybe the card is faulty.
  12. Bought a Sapphire 5670 512MB card, put this card in and everything seems to be working fine i guess the 8440gs must have been a faulty card! Theres been a giant leap in graphics from b4 can play most of my games in high with decent resolutions!
    Planning on upgrading my core2 cpu but not sure exactly which to, the intel pentium dual core E6xxx sereis seems pretty good!
    Thanks so much for your help :)
  13. And replaced my 300W psu with a XFX pro 450W
  14. Good for you, but with an upgraded power sopply you could go far higher than just a 5670. If you have a Core 2 upgrade to another Core 2 as the Pentium only has at most 2MB of onboard cache, which would be important when you start playing graphically intense games (the Pentium could become a bottleneck). It all depends on what motherboard you have.
  15. I know i was originally planning on getting the 5770 but missed out on getting a good deal for it, so just got the 5670 which in hindsight is just fine as i dont have a large monitor! Well my motherboard has the LGA775 socket so it should be able to handle all the Core2 processors, would i need to get a new cpu heatsink as the newer Core2 have a higher thermal spec?
  16. No the thermals are pretty much similar. Just get some good thermal paste for your heatsink and fan so it could dissipate the heat effectively. Something like Artic Silver 5 or IC Diamond would do the trick. The reason i asked for the motherboard was that in my experience the chipset really matters for processor support. I have a '07 Dell Dimension E520, it has a BTX motherboard thst is based on the G965 chipset. It's an older chipset rushed as a stopgap to support older Pentium 4s, Ds and then the new Intel Core 2s. However that means that I'm restricted to 65nm CPUs 'cuz that's the smallest lithography the Pentium 4s were shrunk to. So I put in the best 65nm Intel CPU I could, the Core 2 Quad Q6700.
  17. My motherboard doesnt have an IGP.

    System Chipset:
    VIA PT890CE (North Bridge)
    VIA VT8251L (South Bridge)

    These are the only chipset info i could get from the online manual. The cpus i could find that are within my budget are the Core2 E7500 and the Core2 Q8400.
  18. There's your problem, the VIA chipset is old and there is no mention of which CPU it supports even though it says it supports Core 2. In theory your E7500 would work but your Q8400 wouldn't. Go to your PC manufacterer's website and check for the latest BIOS updates and download them, then tell me the date the BIOS was made (if possible). I got all this info from VIA's website about this chipset.
  19. Ok my motherboard specs are:

    Manufacturer: MSI
    Mobo Model: MS 7318 (BTX)
    Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG (Phoenix Technologies LTD)
    SMBIOS Version: 6.00 PG
    BIOS Date: 02/02/2007

    Its really hard for me to find an update for this BIOS, its also seems to have limited features, cant overclock or check on health status.
  20. The BIOS usually contains a list of CPUIDs so that it could recognize what CPU you had just placed in. Unfortunately back in February of '07 the E7500 wasn't even released yet. That leaves you with at best the E6700 to upgrade to. On the other hand the Q6600 was released a month earlier, and if you feel like taking a risk that might be a CPU you could aspire to.
  21. A big risk at that.
  22. Its annoying how there are more and more roadblocks the more you research lol. I guess i will leave the cpu as i dont want to take any unnecessary risks. Instead will save up to build a new gaming rig in another year or two!
    I have one last question, will changing my current DDR2 667Mhz RAM sticks to their 800MHz counterpart make any difference?
  23. A little, but not much. Faster memory is better, but isn't too significant unless you're tring to OC the rig and the RAM is holding you back, but the RAM isn't the bottleneck here (though I did replace mine with 800Mhz ones). I would go for the E6700, at least for the time being. Just looking on eBay the E6700 is going for ~$65, buy that sell, the E6400 for ~$35 and to me the upgrade isn't too bad. Another thing you could consider is the Core 2 Extreme X6800 which boasts a 2.93 Ghz stock speed (no clue if it works though, it is technically a dual-core released before 02/2007). Research is a good thing it finds potential traps that you don't want to fall into (like returning an E7500 to an online retailer). I had high hopes while upgrading my PC too, but now must settle for a BTX mobo that I can't replace, a Q6700 I can't go past, and a case that won't let me fit any card that has a dual slot i/o backplate (highest possible is a single slot Radeon 6850). I plan to upgrade too, but maybe in two or three years/
  24. Ok, i will follow your advice and purchase the E6700, it seems like a pretty good upgrade from my current cpu and its affordable. I guess i will get the 800Mhz RAM sticks along with the E6700, as long as it can speed it up a little. I had a look at the Core 2 X6800, it seems pretty much the same as the standard Core2 except for the extreme version having an unlocked clock multiplier and increased speed.
    I cant fit a dual slot graphix card either thats why I was looking for the single slot 5770, but missed out on getting it for an amazing price :(. So bought the 5670 instead, however it came as a dual slot aswell (didnt read specs properly), had to do some minor changes and was able to fit it in the case!
  25. Nice, my case is kind of restricted and the integrated ethernet port is right above the graphics card, and I don't plan to rip it out and buy an ethernet card!
  26. Yeah true it would just be a waste of money, its the same for me. My PIEx16 slot is at the top of all the other slots, the 24pin motherboard power connector and the integrated Ethernet are located just above it! The only way i cud fit it in was by changing the metal connector on the card from the dual to a single from my previous card! However because of tight space around the card it was heating up to ~70-80C when playing Witcher 2, im using an external fan to keep it cool atm :P
    Have you got a single slot 4870?
  27. Yeah, but sorta. It's got a dual slot heatsink venting into the case, but with its power requirements and the fact that it doesn't get too hot I've always wondered why Asus didn't use the orignal design for next gen cards since it works pretty well (it requires two 6-pin PCI-E power plugs!). For me I replaced the thermal grease between the H&F and I haven't seen the temps go higher than 58C. Is your card a shrouded design where all the air is forced out the vent above the VGA port? If it is there isn't any place for the air to go and I suggest opening up the shroud to keep that card cool. It shouldn't be approaching the 100C ceiling since it doesn't use that much power.
    However like you I stuck a case fan behind the card next to the case grille to pull the heat out so the fan won't rev up too much
  28. The card doesn't have a shrouded design, it did have a grill for the air above the connectors, but as i said i replace it with the single design so it could fit. However my previous card had extended tv connectors above it (Scart, Component etc.) which i removed to increase ventilation and airflow, i also left the slot below the card empty and open as well. Of late the highest the card has been is around ~60-65C, which isn't too bad!
    I tried to update my bios using MS-DOS while booting from disk but it didn't seem to work :(
  29. Then try to boot Windows into safe mode to rule out any potential Windows conflicts. Did you get the BIOS from the OEM?
  30. Yep, i a have medion pc, i downloaded the update file from their site. Whenever i try to run the batch file it keeps saying that the 'awfl884a.exe' file is missing when its clearly in the same directory!
  31. Weird, does Medion still provide tech support?
  32. Yeah they do, i called them a month or so back when i had the graphics card problems! They ensured that it was a graphics card problem and thats when i decided on getting a new one.
  33. Don't worry too much about the BIOS since you plan to do a new build in a year or so anyway. Just remember that the PCI-E bus you have could only support at most a 5850 without the bus bottlenecking the card.
  34. Yeah i just thought i would give it a try, might aswell upgrade when i can, but it didnt work so im not too bothered. Im not planning on getting a card higher than the 5770 for this comp anyway so that's fine.
  35. i installed the core2 duo e6700 today an it seems to be working fine however it seems to go above the thermal spec of 60.1C, on 100% load it tends to go as high as 74C, it that normal? I used the thermal paste u recommended.
  36. Not really normal at all. Have you spread out the paste correctly?
  37. At first i put a spot in the middle and then spread it using card, and then used the heatsink to spread it around more. But then when i read the instructions on the arctic silver website i decided to clean it and then apply it again, this spread it in a vertical line, then using the heatsink to spread it! However either way the temp remains the same! Have had to leave case open with a fan running into the it, this way the temp remains at 45C when idle! I have read that the paste takes 200 hours before it starts working properly but without the external fan it stays around ~51-55C at idle and has gone to ~76C when under load!
  38. What was the temps on your old CPU? I have the Q6700 which is basically two E6700 sandwiched together. My temps are at 51C for one core (using SIW). Not sure about your temps but I agree their a little high, but not too worried sicne this CPU hasn't given me any trouble for the last 8 months (and cuz its the summer, everything's hotter :-) ).
  39. True it has been hot even here in the UK, and my room can get quite warm from time to time! The last time i checked the temps for the E6400 it was around 41-45C at idle and that was a few moths ago. I hope this maybe due to fact that i just installed the cpu, it may take some time for it cool naturally with the help pf the heatsink and paste! Im thinking of increasing the ventilation in the case by drilling a few holes in the detachable case sheet around the cpu area.
  40. I would clear otu the dust in the PC and add a case fan or two. Maybe leave all the expension slots open and the I/O plates off. For my BTX case I got a front fan blowing directly onto the CPU heatsink, a power supply fan blowing downward, the GPU fan also blowing downward, and a case fan I put on the card pulling air out of the case.
  41. Wow thats a lot of fans!! Yeah im planning on leaving all the slots open, and getting a few fans, especially replace my cpu fan (its just not that good anymore) and place it so that it blows into the heatsink. My psu fan blows downward, however my GPU fan blows up against the psu fan, so i mite have a problem there. But once i get a fan to blow into the cpu it shud blow all the air out of case!
  42. Since its a BTX case and Intel intended airflow to be fairly straightforward does your case have an open grille in the back?
  43. Yes it does
  44. I would buy a cheap case fan and stick it near the back of the card to pull hot air out. It at least gives a directions for the air to go overall.
  45. Will do having a look at few now.
  46. I didn't attach it to the case, I just found a flat surface on the card and then placed the fan perpendicular to that.
  47. I seem to have found a solution to the problem. I turned the cpu fan which was facing away from the heatsink to face it! Now the idle temp is around 45C! Im gonna buy the case fan anyway to further increase the airflow inside! This has also seemed to cool the GPU now without the need of an external fan, at 35C when idle!
  48. Very nice, wonder why the fan was turned away in the first place?
  49. No idea i guess they must have made a mistake when building it. At the moment when playing games (Witcher 2) the CPU goes as high as 65C (without the casing panel). And the GPU has gone as high as 64C, i hope the extra case fan that i have bought lowers the temperature further and increases the airflow even with the side panel!
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