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I am a big fan of Gaming Micro-ATX cases, and a few years ago i picked up a nice Thermaltake LAN box (model VF1000BWS - the larger one with handle). Of course it's getting a little old and crowded so I am looking to upgrade it along with the parts.

Anybody have any nice pictures of their microATX gaming rigs to give me some ideas. I am putting a geforce 560 in it so it will need to be fairly large inside. I would prefer cable management. I'll take either the shoe-box or tower design, as long as they are esthetically pleasing to look at (nothing fancy).

Thanks for your ideas.

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  2. oh i love you....
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  4. I have been using the older version of the TJ 08 for the last 5 years . Absolutely rocks ...but the TJ08e is better

    One of the regulars here has a 08e with a GTX 580 fitted !
  5. Thats awesome.. Used to have an old SilverStone Wind tunnel case .. the reverse Motherboard is an ingenious idea and i love it.

    I also love you choice on looks. The case is sleek and stylish without yelling "i play World of warcraft 48 hours a week!"

    Although, I would like a small window looking over the GPU. Its always nice to take a peek inside a computer to see PNY's beautiful Graphics cards. I can always add that later i suppose ;)
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