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Hello folks

Today my Pc was working as always, I cleaned it using a wind blower, i turned it off and removed all cables ofcourse, Then i tried to start it but it didn't work, After 2 hours of trying, i removed the broken USB case cable from the motherboard and it started fine, so i realized, the USB did a bad electrical problem, but it's been broken for months, Why now after cleaning ! Then i saw i can only see Primary HD C, i have two other HD 1 TB and 500GB as slave, and all my life is in there, i lost 1 TB external 2 months ago that had all my photography pictures i took in my life, i just cant think i'll handle another hit like that, Tried to solve it but nothing, even in Bios it's not detecting, i changed the cables yet nothing, but the primary HD C: works at any port when placed yet the other 2 don't work they don't even make a sound, what do you guys think, is there a chance they got damaged for good ? any ideas please? and sorry for my english
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  1. I would try a different motherboard, it sounds like you may have damaged the port on the motherboard with the leaf blower. Interesting choice for computer cleaning, by the way.
  2. Well it's small sized blower, not the big leaf ones, i got it cause the computer shop that i'm regular at, always used one of those, at least unlike my friend i didn't go to the petrol station and used tire air pumps everytime i need to clean it :p, the thing is you said it might be the ports, but i tried the primary HD on every port in the MB and it still works fine, that's why i cant figure it out.
  3. if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!
    u opened a can of worms by cleaning it, thinking u were doing a good thing...

    have u made sure all connections are tight? both power and data to each drive? can u hear the drives "spin up" when connected and turning the computer on? if not then it's your power supply or the power cable. try swapping the connections...
  4. The reason i cleaned it, It's cause it happened to me with my old PC, I left for about 3 months it was full of dust and i didn't clean it, It started acting strange, This time i went away for 4 months, Above that it's 1 year old PC, so as you said i was thinking i'm doing the right thing, I placed the power supply on a different PC, It worked fine, i checked all the cables, i even put new HD cable, yet nothing worked, they're not even spinning, if it can't be the power supply, and not the ports in the MB, What else could it be !!
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