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Hello, I recently decided to upgrade my mobo and processor. My old board was a Asus P5N-D LGA 775 chipset, my new board and processor is a ASrock Extreme4 LGA 1155. Upon setting up the new gear in my old case I discovered that my optical drives were IDE (DOH!).

In the BIOS it detects all my ram, and my HD, but the Dr Debug is showing A2 "IDE Detect"

I'm just looking for suggestions on what the problem might be, and then I can troubleshoot it from there.

Either the difference in the chipsets is causing my system to not boot (would need to reinstall my Windows 7) or, the drivers on the mobo need to be updated (which would mean I would need to get a SATA drive)

I'm also going to try to clear the BIOS after I try both those options.
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    With motherboard change you at min will have to do an OS repair install and load the drivers for the new hardware.
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