New PSU install - Moniter receiving no connection

Hi there,

I have just installed a new power supply and now my monitor is receiving no connection.

I fear that on my mobo there is an ATX12v slot that my old PSU connected to but my new one has no cable to connect to it.

Do you think this is the problem???

My machine turns on but nothing happens on screen apart from a no connection display.


PSU - Corsair 500W CX V2
CPU - intel core 2 quad 2.5Ghz Q8300

Cheers for any help guys...
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  1. Yes, your motherboard has a 4 pin CPU power connector. Your PSU has a "4+4" jack that splits in half for your motherboard.
  2. Ahh excellent. Thankyou fory your help. Cant believe I didn't spot the split 4 + 4.

    All works fine now.
  3. That split 4+4 catches a lot of people, I was one of them.
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